"We are successfully caring and
nurturing dear ones since 1990."

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Our Smart Moves Program

Scientific Thinking

we teach scientific thinking skills besides introducing science concepts.

  1. Observing, Measuring, Recording
  2. Classifying - Inferring-Analyzing- Interpreting the observed fact, data
  3. Inquiring- Experimenting-Evaluating
  4. Synthesizing- Creating- Applying learnt concept to new context
  5. Defining-Modeling – Communicating the concepts

The concepts under science are organized and taught under the above skills. For each of the skills, activities and learning material are provided for the various concepts.

Math Fundamentals

The mathematics curriculum is to impart four major skills. We give equal importance to all four skills, unlike standard practices of teaching only the calculation and computing skills. The curriculum is designed with activities and learning materials, and books.

  1. Calculation & Counting
  2. Applying Mathematics
  3. Measurements
  4. Data handling

The concepts under Math are organized and taught under the above skills. For each of the skills, activities and learning material are provided for the various concepts.


We Provide The Best Features
For Every Students

  • All classrooms are under CCTV supervision.
  • Special care taken to ensure NO sharp points or edges on surfaces the kid could come in contact.
  • All toys and equipment are made of non-toxic material and in keeping with international standards.
  • Our Centre is at a prime location but at a safe distance from traffic.
  • Clean classrooms, dining area and pantry.
  • Toys and other playing equipment cleaned daily.
  • Toilets cleaned 4 time daily, and immediately in case of excess soiling.
  • Equipped with specially designed Montessori apparatus and materials, play equipment, digital learning aids and learning software.
  • Use of innovative and traditional Montessori tools and resources to cover exercises relating to Practical life, Language, Mathematics, Enrichment.
  • Our centres has abundant, non-toxic, safe and child appropriate tools and materials for developing eye-hand co-ordination, fine and gross motor skills of the Play Group children.
  • International standers maintained in all classrooms.

Children love playing, running around, dancing, singing and having lots of fun with one another. That is why in our centre, we have very colourful and spacious enrichment areas with soft floors or carpets and various items which add to their excitement and enrichment.
Few facilities include:

  • Indoor and Outdoor play area.
  • Riding toys.
  • Theme driven class room walls.
  • Puppet house.
  • Music and Video facility

Aswathy School is in incorporating latest digital learning tools and methodology for our children. One such item is "Extra Marks The learning app” - latest educational touch screen board which makes learning endless and more attractive.

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About Us

We are successfully caring and nurturing dear ones since 1990.

Welcome to our nursery school! Our school is a warm and nurturing environment where children can grow and learn through play-based experiences. We are committed to providing a safe and stimulating environment where each child can develop at their own pace and feel valued as an individual.

Our experienced and dedicated staff members are trained to provide developmentally appropriate activities that encourage exploration, discovery, and creativity. We believe in a child-centered approach where children are encouraged to ask questions, express their ideas, and develop problem-solving skills.

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Our Features


Brain Development

The first eight years of our children are very crucial for brain development. Half a billion neurons fire at every moment and children imbibe all things what happens around them. Almost 90% of human brain development occurs during this period. The program is a research-backed neuroscience program primarily to focus on brain development.

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Planned and purposeful play

Children need to play to develop social, emotional, cognitive (thinking) and physical skills. Play helps children to learn how to communicate with other children, resolve conflicts and solve problems.

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